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Non-mandrel tube bending machine MEDIBENDER MD070

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General information

MD070 is a compact machine which is smart solution to your bending needs. For your convenience it can be used on worktable or on a tripod. This very simple but robust and stable machine is able to bend up to D38x1,5 mm mild steel tube! Like all Ercolina non-mandrel machines, it’s provided with very convenient foot pedal control. The MD070 model is very well known around the world for its reliability accompanied with the great, affordable price.

Models available:

  • MD070M – single phase
Ercolina Machine: MD070 Manual Tube Bending
Ercolina Machine: MD070 Manual Tube Bending


  • Maximum radius from 36mm (10mm for the model MD071) to R190mm
  • Bending angle digital setting from 0 to 180°
  • Overload control system
  • Quick-change tooling system (Ercolina Patent)
  • Base prepared for fixing on tripod
  • Metal case and tripod available (optional)
  • Foot pedal control
  • Faster model available for bending radius < 36 mm

Standard equipment

  • Counterbending die support
  • Handwheel
  • Foot pedal control
  • Ercolina grease spray
  • Pump for grease

Technical data

Flexion Modulus 1,9 cm3
Min. outside diameter 10 mm — 1/8″
Max bending radius (CLR) 190 mm
Min bending radius (CLR) 36 mm
Motor 900 W
Voltage requirement 110-220 V 1PH
Bending speed 2,8 rpm
Dimensions 245 x 300 x 320 mm
Weight 23 kg

Maximum capacity

Section Material 1,9 cm3
Gas Tube 1″ x 3,38
Standard Steel Tube 38 x 1,5
Furniture tube 38 x 1,5
Hydraulic Steel ST35 35 x 3
Stainless Steel AISI 304-318 30 x 2
Stainless Steel AISI 308 35 x 1,5
Soft Brass 42 x 1,5
Hard Copper & Aluminium 42 x 1,5
Soft Copper 50 x 2

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