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Non-mandrel tube bending machine MEGABENDER MG030

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General information

MG030 is an Ercolina best seller which is able to bend up to D76x3 mm black steel tube. This machine is available with two bending speeds but also with variable speed inverter system. MG030 could be used with A40/P two-axis positioner or with mandrel accessory and, like all Ercolina rotary draw benders, is very easy to operate!

Models available:

  • MG030V2T – three phase, 2 speeds
  • MG030PT – three phase, TCPlus control
  • MG030PM – single phase, TCPlus control


[CML코리아] Ercolina MG030 파이프밴딩기 파이프벤딩기 CML코리아 파이프벤딩 메가벤더 파이프밴딩
[CML코리아] Ercolina MG030 파이프밴딩기 파이프벤딩기 CML코리아 파이프벤딩 메가벤더 파이프밴딩


  • Standard steel tube capacity 76 x 3 mm
  • Pipe capacity 2-1/2″ Sch. 10
  • Square tube capacity 60 x 60 x 3 mm
  • Large bending radius: R10 to R380 mm
  • TCPLUS Control (MG030PT — MG030PM)
  • Electromechanical bending axis C with digital value display
  • Micrometric control with X-axis position display
  • Possibility to program and store 30 programs with 9 bends each including the springback angle (relative to the elasticity of the material)
  • Available models with two bending speeds or with variable speed inverter system
  • Overload control system with flashing warning lights
  • Possibility to adapt (optional) a two-axis positioner (A40/P) to allow series production of bends in different planes
  • Quick and easy tool change system (Ercolina Patent)
  • Easy to move thanks to the built-in wheels and retractable handle
  • Foot pedal control
  • Former L/R bending (optional for TCPlus control)
Ercolina Machine: Former L/R
Ercolina Machine: Former L/R
Ercolina Machine: TCPLUS control from January 2020 on Ercolina machines!
Ercolina Machine: TCPLUS control from January 2020 on Ercolina machines!

Standard equipment

  • 50 and 40 mm hex shafts
  • Counterbending die support
  • Handwheel
  • 6 mm allen wrench key
  • Ercolina grease spray
  • Grease pump

Technical data

Flexion Modulus 15 cm3
Min. Outside diameter 10 mm — 1/8″ Gas
Max Center line Radius (CLR) 380 mm
Min Center line Radius (CLR) 10 mm
Motor 3,5 kW
Voltage requirement 220-400 V 3PH
50-60 Hz
Bending Speed 1 — 2 rpm
Dimensions 680 x 910 x 370 mm
Weight 193 kg

Maximum capacity

Section Material 15 cm3
Gas Tube 2″ x 5,54
Standard Steel Tube 76 x 3
Furniture tube 76 x 3
Hydraulic Steel ST35 50 x 10
Stainless Steel AISI 304-318 70 x 4
Stainless Steel AISI 308 76 x 1,6
Soft Brass 76 x 4
Hard Copper & Aluminium 76 x 6
Soft Copper 76 x 6

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