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Pyramidal Ring Roller ECO50V1T

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General information

ECO50V1T is a powerful hydraulic ring roller with 50 mm shafts, which is offered on very affordable price. This makes it very beneficial to use. Its reinforced main frame and forged steel shafts guarantee high repeatability of your workpieces. Like all hydraulic Ercolina machines it’s equipped with patented descent system of the top roll that minimizes profile deformation. The machine comes with standard set of rolls and programmable control.

Models available:

  • ECO50V1T – hydraulic, three driven rolls
Ercolina Machine: ECO50V2T
Ercolina Machine: ECO50V2T


  • Compact and powerful ring roller with excellent cost-benefit ratio
  • Universal rolls for profiles included with each machine
  • Chrome-nickel forged steel shafts, processed and adjusted for maximum performance with minimal flection
  • Reinforced main frame designed for superior performance compared to machines of the same class
  • Patented Ercolina system of descent of the central roll minimizes deformation of the profiles
  • Programmable touchpad control with digital readout of the position of the central roll
  • Possibility to store up to 8 programs with unlimited steps

Standard equipment

  • Service keys
  • Standard set of rolls
  • Instruction manual

Optional equipment

  • Radius and angle measuring kit
  • Tie bar accessory
  • Fourth roll kit for H/I beams
  • Anti-twist device for angle “Leg-in”
  • Center roll upward stop
  • Spiral bending device
  • Scroll curling device
  • Bar twisting device

Technical data

Roll Shaft Diameter 50 mm
Standard Roll Diameter 178 mm
Max Center Roll Stroke 142 mm
Roll Shaft Speed 9 rpm
Independent Drive Rolls 3 smooth
Voltage 220 / 240 – 380 / 440 V
Motors 1,85 kW
Hydraulic Motor Power 1,50 kW
Machine Mainframe Cast iron GS500
Piston Force 114 000 N
Machine Operating Position Horizontal and Vertical
Setting of the upper roll Hydraulic
Display Digital
Machine Body Construction Weldel Steel
Number of Programs 8
Electric foot Pedal control Yes
Dimensions LxLXH 650 x 1270 x 1100 mm
Weight 430 kg

Maximum capacity

Section Dimensions (mm) Ø min. (mm)
2″ 1/2 Gas x 3,6 400
80 x 1,2 800
60 x 60 x 3 600
40 250
40 x 40 350
80 x 80 x 6 400
100 x 45 x 6 350

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