ErcolinaWhat are the machines for?

What are the machines for?

The machines offered by our company are designed to work with pipes, bars, sheets, profiles and other metal products. Our catalogue contains equipment for both large industries and small private workshops and farms. The most popular models of machine tools and accessories are always available in stock.

Steel structures

Our equipment is widely used in the construction industry in the manufacture of both heavy metal structures and utilities. These are plumbing and gas supply systems, arches, supports, railings, lighting masts, playgrounds and much more.

There are many machines for the manufacture of metal structures: pipe benders, profile benders, circular saws, hydraulic presses, equipment for connecting pipes, drilling and punching machines.

Heat exchangers and towel dryers

In the production of heat exchangers and boilers for industrial and domestic use, our machines have earned many positive reviews. A special place is occupied by machines for the production of household heated towel rails. Unique technical solutions make it possible to provide high quality products on simple inexpensive machines. Working on our machines does not require a high level of operator qualifications. All this significantly reduces the cost of production and opens up opportunities for the use of our equipment in small and medium-sized businesses.

In the production of heated towel rails, you need to grind and polish the stainless pipe. This can be done on bent tubes using the unique Garboli LPC series “planetary” grinders.


Our equipment can produce portable ladders and staircases from aluminum and steel pipes and profiles. Mandrel and non-mandrel pipe bending machines successfully solve these tasks.

For the manufacture of spiral staircases, ring rollers are used with a special spiral device and equipment corresponding to the outer diameter of the pipe or the dimensions of the profile.

Railings and fences

Handrails and railings from a thin-walled stainless tube are most often made on semi-automatic mandrel tube bending machines. Such structures are installed both indoors and outdoors. The manufacture of stall fencing made of galvanized steel pipe is one of the main applications of mandrel automatic pipe benders. Simple structures of thick-walled steel pipes and profiles are made on rotary-draw machines.

Greenhouses and agricultural structures

For livestock enterprises, our mandrel machines produce elements of refrigeration units and milk pipelines.

In the manufacture of arches and other elements of greenhouse frames are mostly used low-power ring rollers. The simplicity, reliability and low cost of such machines make them affordable even for small businesses. The raw material for arch frames is usually a square and rectangular pipe made of steel or aluminum. The standard set of toolings for this application comes with the machine. To obtain more complex shapes and ensure high accuracy and repeatability of products, there are profile bending machines with a laser device for controlling of the bending process.


Pipelines are produced in the energy sector, in construction, in the chemical, food and oil industries. Pipeline elements can be produced on pipe bending machines. For the production of thin-walled bends, it is advisable to use mandrel pipe benders. Thick-walled piping elements are manufactured on rotary-draw bending machines. The type and power of the machine are determined by the parameters of the products and the volume of production.

Metal furniture

Bending machines are often used in furniture production. Many metal elements are made on them. Pipes and profiles with different shapes made of steel and aluminum alloys are used as workpieces. When working with a square, rectangular or flat-oval pipe, you can use the crash bend or the “American” bending method. In this case, it is possible to achieve high quality products on simple inexpensive machines. Our machines are used to make folding chairs, tables and other equipment for tourists, fishermen and hunters, as well as garden furniture and tools.

Sport and training equipment

The highest requirements for safety, reliability and convenience are imposed on modern exercise equipment. For the manufacture of such machines, rectangular or square section profiles are often used. This ensures high structural strength. When working with such profiles and pipes, non-mandrel pipe benders or mandrel machines with special equipment are used so that the profile does not deform when bending to a small radius. Convenience and appearance of the training machine are also provided due to the use of elements made of pipes with round, oval and other sections. Such parts are successfully manufactured on mandrel machines and rotary-draw benders.

Components for cars, ships and aircraft

Many companies in the automotive industry successfully use our machines for the production of pipe and profile parts. In addition to trucks, cars, motorcycles and tractors, such parts are found on special vehicles, railway locomotives and wagons. These are frames, hard structure components, fuel lines, exhaust systems and much more.

Our machines have been operating for many years in shipyards, in the aviation and space industries.

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