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How to choose a machine

The most popular machines are presented on our site. In order to determine whether any machine will cope with your tasks, you can familiarize yourself with the information on the website and contact our specialists.

Usually, many questions arise when choosing a pipe bending machine. The machines can be divided into main groups according to the method of bending. These are machines with mandrel, rotary-draw machines and ring rollers. In order to determine the method of bending and select the machine, you need to know the bending radius along the centerline of the pipe (CLR in mm), the wall thickness of the pipe, the outside diameter and the material from which the pipe is made.

Mandrel bending machines are equipped with a special table and mandrel tooling. When bending, the mandrel is inside the pipe in the bending zone, which prevents deformation and ensures a very high quality of products. In most cases, high-quality bending can be done also without a mandrel. These machines called rotary-draw benders are much cheaper. Non-mandrel machines can be supplied either separately or complete with several sets of toolings for different pipes. Mandrel machines are completed with toolings as agreed with the customer.

Ring rollers are used to execute bends on pipes and profiles with a bending radius of approximately five pipe diameters and bigger. The basic delivery set of three-roll machines includes standard rollers for square and rectangular pipes, beams, bars and other workpieces. Rollers for round, oval and other pipes are ordered additionally.

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