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EN100 – EN180

Belt notching machine ERCONOTCH EN100 – EN180

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General information

The notchers made by Ercolina are ideal machines for grinding and notching tubes of every type of material. A safe and valid alternative to saws, plasma and milling cutters. The machine covers 95% of all notching applications. With an Erco Notch machine you can make left and right notching up to 60°. Machine is equipped with adjustable vice height for offset notches and complex applications.

The EN180 model features a high power air suction and filter (1000m/hour with twin suction channels) for complete metal chips, dust and fumes removal. With the vice removed, the machine can be used as a conventional grinder using the special grinding roll.

Ercolina EN100/EN180 Notcher Grinder_Visit
Ercolina EN100/EN180 Notcher Grinder_Visit

Models available

  • EN100-1V – belt width 100 mm, three phase, one speed
  • EN100-2V – belt width 100 mm, three phase, two speeds
  • EN180-1V – belt width 180 mm, three phase, one speed
  • EN180-2V – belt width 180 mm, three phase, two speeds
Ercolina - A Notch Above the Rest!
Ercolina - A Notch Above the Rest!


  • Patented transverse and longitudinal movement system that prolongs the life of the abrasive belt and reduces heat
  • Use of top quality abrasive belts that allow working on a wide range of materials including: carbon steel; stainless steel; aluminium, titanium and others
  • Graduated vice 0-60° adjustable in height to vary the cutting angle and to carry out more complex machining operations
  • Patented rapid roller change system
  • Large and practical deburring surface
  • Abrasive belt change without tools

Machine features

Dust collector drawer Wide grinding surface Powerful suction system

Patented Ercolina innovations

Quick roller change over system

The ERCONOTCH EN100 and EN180 have a unique and revolutionary conical mounting system of the front roller for faster tool change over and perfect autocentring.

Unlike other machines available on the market, the ERCONOTCH conical side supports are held by 4 sealed bearings (2 on each side).

The exclusive advantages of this system are:

  • highly reduced vibrations
  • increased bearings life
  • higher machine reliability

Combined side and feed movements

Innovative and patented system of side (A on Fig. 1) and feed (B on Fig. 1) combined moviments. It feeds the tube into the grinding belt and simultaneously moves the tube along the belt: for maximum belt life, minimum burring and better heat dissipation during job performance.

Technical data

Description EN180 EN100
Dimensions of
Standard Grinding Belt
2000 x 180 mm 2000 x 100 mm
Three Phase Motor 4 kW 4 kW
Motor Speed 2800 rpm 2800 rpm
Voltage* 220 / 400 V 220 / 400 V
Weight 300 kg 200 kg
Dimensions (b x h x l) 600 x 1500 x 1500 mm 500 x 1500 x 1500 mm

* Other voltages available upon request

Maximum capacity

Material EN180 EN100
Notching Ø 114 mm (4″1/2 OD) at 0°
Ø 76 mm (3″ OD) up to 45°
Ø 60 mm (2″3/8 OD) up to 60°
Ø 76 mm (3″ OD) at 0°
Ø 60 mm (2″3/8 OD) up to 45°
Ø 32 mm (1″1/4 OD) up to 60°
Grinding Ø 140 mm (5″1/2) with frontal grinding kit on request art. EN180-KS2 Ø 140 mm (5″1/2) with frontal grinding kit on request art. EN100-KS2

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